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CAI California CID Manager Education Series - Session 3: Finances & Reserves
Community Conversation- Condo Safety: How Strategies & Best Practices for Community Associations Are Evolving
Webinar - Reserve Funding Challenges: A Collective Case Study
Webinar - Reserve Study: How to Determine the Best Reserve Funding Plan for Your Association
Webinar - Safety First: Examining Inspections, Maintenance, and Reserves
A construction worker measuring lengths of rebar
Webinar Live- Commitment to Condominium Safety: Maintenance, Building Inspections, and Reserves (June 26, 2024)
Webinar – Condo Safety: Aging Infrastructure, Deferred Maintenance, and the Cost of Delays
Webinar – Financial Dominoes: How Reserve Studies Can Impact Community Association Insurance and Banking
Webinar- Avoiding Extreme Makeovers: Risk Management for Older Buildings
Webinar- Budgeting 101 for Associations: Maximizing Your Money
Webinar- Building Maintenance: How to Reduce Repair Costs and Ensure Safety
Webinar- Charting a Course Post-Surfside
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